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Need Help With Your Hail or Wind Damage Repairs?

Central Oregon has damaging hail and wind storms nearly every year.  Hail and wind damage can take years of life away from your roof and can even cause immediate leaks!  The extant of the damage is often over looked by the untrained eye.  Our trained project manager at your service, we have the experience of handling thousands of insurance claims to insure you are well taken care of.

  • CBX is a core service provider and is well-equipped to qualify your hail damage repairs with your insurance company.

  • We have built strong relationships with several insurance providers in the area.

  • Leading company in rendering hail damage repair services in the area.

  • Extensive training to all of our Project Managers to diiferentiate the difference between normal wear and tear and storm damage.

Why CBX is your most reliable choice?

We will not only help you with quality hail damage repair services, but also stand by you throughout your insurance procedure.


We will walk you through your insurance claim from beginning to end.   We will meet with you insurance adjuster, negotiate all pricing, complete the work and bill your insurance company directly!  Leave all of the hasstle to us!

Seek our help for your insurance work

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"CBX is the most accommodating, helpful, courteous, professional and knowledgeable company I have ever worked with for home restoration and repairs. They know the in's and out's of working with insurance companies, are able to get the job done in short order and wait for payment until insurance kicks in. Friendly and fun to work with, I highly recommend CBX.”

- Jody Smith

Bend, OR